8 benefits of living in a condo in Bangkok

One of the main attractions of living in a major city is being amongst the hustle and bustle. The fast pace of life is not only exciting, but it can also help to energise and motivate those that live there. In most of these cities, and indeed, Bangkok is a prime example; the vast majority of the accommodation available is in modern, purpose-built condos. It is particularly noticeable in the popular business districts such as Sukhumvit, Sathorn and Silom.

A good quality condo with a professional property management team can make this type of living not only more practical but also thoroughly enjoyable. Most modern buildings are constructed to the highest standards, and while they may be slightly smaller, they often have several space-saving features included. In addition, they are incredibly energy efficient with reflective, double or triple glazed glass fitted as standard along with superb insulation. Naturally, the air conditioning units are ultra-modern and use less electricity which is good for both your pocket and also the environment.

Other benefits include.

1. Location

Many modern condos are built in prime locations near to BTS or MRT stations making commuting around the city straightforward. Close by; you will usually find an array of restaurants and shops, including supermarkets and convenience stores. Many condos have a 7-Eleven onsite with some also having restaurants. Several condos in the Sukhumvit and Sathorn areas are close to parks such as Benjakitti or Lumpini where you can relax and take some exercise. Depending on your needs and lifestyle, you will also find a vast selection of condos in areas where there is a vibrant nightlife, or if you would prefer somewhere quieter.


Most condos have excellent facilities with swimming pools and fitness centres coming as standard. It is becoming increasingly common for there to be saunas, conferencing facilities and restaurants to also be available for residents. As the facilities are mostly free for residents, this can save you a considerable amount of money on gym fees and generally just provide that extra convenience which can make life more pleasant. They are also great places for meeting other residents. Most facilities are on a par with hotels of a similar star rating.

3. Foreign Ownership

The laws of Thailand mean that foreigners cannot own land in their own name. However, they can own a condo so long as there is sufficient foreign quota (49%) available in the building. The advantages associated with this are significant and for many, make condos the only viable option when it comes to owning property in the Kingdom. In a city such as Bangkok, there is always the opportunity that you will achieve desirable capital growth in the medium to long-term.

4. Community Spirit

Although large capital cities are busy and bustling places, they can often be lonely, especially if you are new to the area. In a condo, thanks to the large numbers of people living there and the communal facilities, it is likely that you will come in frequent contact with others where you live. As such, condos tend to develop an excellent community spirit with many friendship groups being formed with people of similar interests. It can make a significant impact on how quickly you settle in.

5. Juristic Management

If you live in a privately owned house or even in a secure village, you are often solely responsible for the area around you. However, in a condo, the juristic management team will ensure than the property is correctly maintained, certain rules are adhered to, and that everything generally runs smoothly. It is something that can take away a lot of stress and make your home life far more relaxing and enjoyable. A quality management team can help sort out any problems that you may be experiencing.

6. Services

Most condo buildings have an excellent range of services available at your disposal, for a fee, of course. For instance, most employ a maintenance team who carry conduct minor repairs. Also, they will employ trusted cleaners who could come and clean your unit a couple of times a week while you are at work. It means that your home is kept clean and well managed, and you don’t need to worry about being there to let them. As they are employed directly by the building, you can be confident of their integrity with all of their details kept on file should, in the very rare instances, something go wrong. It is something that can give you that extra peace of mind.

7. Security

The security in most condos is of the highest standard with 24-hour manned security the norm along with keycard access. CCTV usually covers all areas of the property with visitors required to sign in and leave some ID while in the property. They will also quickly recognise your face and become familiar with your daily routines meaning that they are aware if something doesn’t seem quite right. It must be said that some people do find this a little intrusive, but it is for their own benefit.

8. Price

Luxury condos in Bangkok aren’t cheap, just as they aren’t in any capital city around the world, but they are still far less expensive than owning a house in a similar location. In reality, there are very few houses in the business districts and those that are have been held by families for generations and are unlikely to be ever sold. As mentioned in the earlier point, with land being scare in the prime locations in Bangkok, there is significant potential for capital growth meaning that you could make a tidy profit should you decide to sell.

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