“Konmari” home organization tips

Have you ever felt tired when you have to organize your home? What would you do then?

We, Smart , also always feel that way when we have to clean up and organize our houses. By the way, we have found a home organization trick called ‘Konmari’, originated by Marie Kondo, one of the most famous Japanese home organizers. This trick is quite amazing so we would like to share it with you.

  1. Just Do It In a Day – Let’s set the home organizing day as a special day. It only exists for one day so don’t procrastinate and make your home organizing become more than a day.

  2. Organize by Categorizing – Don’t clean up room by room, but rather gather all of your stuff and clean it up by category. Clean up from clothes > books > documents > trivia stuff > mentally valuable things.

  3. Spark Joy Factor – What makes you feel happy or like it when you see it, that is what Marie Kondo calls Spark Joy. Keep that thing tight. And if you don’t feel the Spark Joy feeling, just throw that thing.

  4. Box Can Help – Finally, if there is too much stuff of that specific category to keep in the closet, box can help you. You may put the box on the top of each box to save your room space, too.

And those are 4 tips for cleaning up and organizing your house to make you feel happier. If anyone has other tips, don’t be shy and let’s share your technique! Also, if anyone really does according to Marie Kondo, please feel free to share your result!

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