Colour Schemes to Decorate the Room of the Year 2022

There is no better time than now to consider refreshing your interior décor. It is the beginning of a new year and having remained indoors for much of the last couple of years, many homeowners are likely looking to bring about a change in their surroundings. Or especially for the condo owner, more or less have an entire community of neighbors who have undergone the renovations. Or best to speak to the property management who can advise to do so.

People have come to realise that the atmosphere around them can influence their mood. For 2022, many will be looking to create a more upbeat feel. Expect warm and earthy tones to take precedence as the desire for renewal and rejuvenation take hold. 

1. Dusty Green

Nothing gives as natural a feel like the shade of plants. Many people felt the distinct absence of nature when locked away at home and felt very refreshed when they got the chance to go out for a walk and immerse themselves in greenery. Dusty green gives an organic and warm feel that is well complemented and combined with orange, yellow, and brown shades. Works well in both living spaces and bedrooms where you want a comfortable and relaxing sensation. 

2. Sunny Yellow

Another shade that brings the outdoors in. This bold and bubbly colour scheme welcomes cheerfulness, nature, and light into the home. It is a great option whether you prefer traditional or modern décor. From bed quilts to sofa upholstery, wallpaper to rugs you can brighten up any room with this natural warm tone and successfully pair it with paler shades of blue or red. A lovely choice for brightening up living spaces and bedrooms for younger children. 

3. Warm Neutrals

Neutral tones have always been popular where the décor leans towards the modern and contemporary. Those that prefer clean lines and sophistication can still enjoy this minimalist feel and add a sense of cosiness and comfort with warmer tones. From sandy beige to deep taupe, you can vary the depth of colour while still retaining that warmth of ambience that turns a house into a home. 

4. Bright Skies

This top colour choice from Dulux invites a sense of midday sky into your space, creating a calm and soothing ambience that just melts away your troubles. Great for both ceilings and walls, this delightful colour choice offers another way to reconnect with nature and restore that feeling of freedom and expanse after being stuck in confinement. It does have undertones of grey that make it ideal even for those that prefer neutrals.

5. Pink and Orange

This unusual pairing is an interesting choice that will appeal to those with a love for the whimsical. Much like looking at a watercolour painting, this combination gives a pleasant feeling of warmth, comfort, and home, particularly in lighter tones. With orange being a combination of red and yellow, it creates a harmonious union with pink and other shades of red. 

6. Baked Plum

Another shade of red that is dark and sophisticated, baked plum is a top choice for those looking to create a more decadent atmosphere in their living spaces. This rich yet subdued tone manages to give a feeling of luxury without being ostentatious. It can be beautifully paired with cream, gold and pale pink colours. 

7. Guacamole

Just as the name suggests, think of the richness and lusciousness of avocado as the inspiration for this winning colour choice. More cheerful than dusty green, it gives a sense of freshness and relaxing nature. Easily paired with cream, beige and wood tones, it provides a calming atmosphere for living spaces and bedrooms. It can also be combined with more neutral shades of white and black for dramatic effect in kitchens and bathrooms. Where it is used for wall paint, it makes for a pleasing backdrop to plant décor. 

8. White On White

Though it may seem rather stark, opting for a white on white colour scheme is the best way to introduce a feeling of light and brightness to any room. Choose off-white shades that manage to provide a soft neutral-ness that is comforting and familiar. This colour scheme is also ideal where you may have a centrepiece or dramatic artwork to display in the room. It makes for an excellent backdrop that manages to remain unassuming yet perfectly complementary. Also gives a blank canvas feel for the next time you choose to redecorate. 

9. Stone Blue

This vintage shade is seeing a revival as a representation of outdoor skies. Competing for prominence with Dulux’s bright skies, this warm hue also gives a wonderful feeling of being outdoors and is well suited to brightening up craftsman décor or simply to brighten up walls. Lively and timeless, it can be paired with warmer tones of yellow, orange and red for a more contemporary look. 

10. Incarnadine 

Another deep and inviting shade of red, incarnadine imparts a sense of vintage glamour wherever it is displayed. Dating back to the 1500s, it is often paired with shades of rustic gold and woodwork to stunning effect. Though its origins signify relation to the flesh, as a décor colour it stands out as being fascinatingly regal and classic. Its depth of colour is more starkly displayed when paired with white.  

11. Treasured Coral 

This warm peachy colour adds a greater depth of warmth and sweetness to bedrooms and hallways as a wall colour or just décor. Another top contender for Dulux’s colour of the year, this enigmatic shade pairs beautifully with other earthy tones like green and brown to create a refreshingly cheery atmosphere. A lovely pop of colour when you want to add some liveliness to neutral spaces. 

12. Modern Eggshell

Not quite a colour, but rather a type of paint you should use in high traffic and impact areas of the home. This elegant and low sheen paint choice is a good option for furniture and trim. Faintly glossy, this muted neutral tone works well in reflecting light and casting a warm glow across the space. It is available in over 100 shades, so whatever aesthetic you are looking to create, you should find a good choice from this range. This paint is easy to keep clean and hardy. 

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