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With a qualified inspection team, guaranteed with License for Professional Practice in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, certified by Thailand Council of Engineers. SMART have expertise in building inspection with proven building handover audit of over 190 projects. We also have experience in managing and maintaining advance building systems, maintenance of high-rise condominiums. To ensure maximum safety requirement, we also provide certified professional safety officers to ensure every procedure is being done with maximum precaution.
Should you wish to use our inspection service, our team is to engage at the building to monitor, inspect, analyze and provide you with a report of your building stability, condition of the building system and the equipment related to life safety. We audit by actual working on the system, then we identify malfunction or symptoms indicate insecurity of the structure, system and equipment of the building. We use Safety standard regulate by the Thai laws, then the standard maintenance plans of each equipment according to each system manufacture to be the absolute minimum requirement your building systems need to meet.
Scope of Initial Inspection Service :
  1. Building Stability
    + Building visual condition
    + Structural failure
    + Building subside condition

  2. Inspection of building systems and equipment
    2.1 Service Facilities System
          + Elevator System
          + Electrical System
          + Air Conditioning System
    2.2 Sanitary and Environmental System
          + Plumbing
          + Waste water and wastewater treatment systems
          + Rain drainage system
          + Waste Management system
          + Ventilation systems
          + Air Pollution Control and noise control System
    2.3 Fire Prevention and Suppression System
          + Fire Escape and Fire Escape Path
          + Signage and Emergency Exit Signs
          + Smoke release and smoke control system
          + Emergency Power System
          + Fireman Lift
          + Fire alarm system
          + Fire extinguishing system
          + Fire fighting system, fire pump, Fire hose, Fire Extinguishers
          + Automatic Fire Extinguishing System
          + Lightning protection system

  3. System Performance Review and equipment for evacuation
    + Performance of Fire stair and Fire Escape
    + Location of emergency exit signage and its conditions
    + Fire alarm system performance and conditions

  4. Inspection of safety procedures
    + Fire Prevention and Suppression Plan Fireplaces for firefighting
    + Evacuation plan
    + Building Safety Management Planst
    + Building Inspector's Management Plan

  5. Facility Audit
    + Entrance way for fire engine
    + Parking and water accessibility for Fire engines
    + Condition of drainage system

  1. Visual inspection or inspect with the basic tools and equipment only.
  2. The Company will not conduct the audit in the following manner :
    + Measure or test the switch panel when the switch panel is on or in use.
    + Testing of over current protection devices.
    + Removing or dismantling electrical equipment. We will open the panel switch panel to check the condition of the device only.
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