This New Year, SMART, presents you free insurance from Chubb for your safety. The insurance covers accidental injury or death, fire, and robbery, from  25 Dec 2019 to 5 Jan 2020.

Every resident can get this privilege without any expenses by only filling the form below until 24 Dec 2019, at 10 P.M.

*Eligible insured age 20 to 65 years old

**SMART purchase this service from Chubb Insurance exclusively for SMART residents. So every information required is only for the insurance confirmation and will be kept secret. No further used for any other products.

Confirmation Form Fulfillment: until 24 Dec 2019, at 10 P.M.

Confirmation Form Link:

Insurance Coverage

-    Injury and death coverage

-    100,000 baht accident or;

-    100,000 baht assassination or brutality or;

-    100,000 baht on-road accident

-    Medical expense due to accident 3,000 baht (per accident)

-    Fire coverage and other natural disasters coverage 50,000 baht

-    Robbery coverage 5,000 baht

Hospital admission without advance payment (Cashless Service) which can find the list of joined hospitals in this link ( or if not in the list, residents can prepaid and claim after wards by using the receipt which will get the claim within 15 working days after)


*Feel free to inquire for more information

Chubb Call Center 02-611-4242 (Mondays - Fridays, 8.30am to 7pm excluding public holidays)


and inform that you are SMART residents and receive this privilege from SMART WORLD application

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